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The Sanborn Oblique Esri Desktop Extension gives users the ability to browse imagery and add it to their Esri desktop document. The desktop extension includes a number of primary features, and because it works with ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 / ArcGIS Desktop 10.0, all Esri Desktop functionality remains enabled when nadir or oblique imagery is added. In addition, users can add their own custom data to the map just as they would add data to ArcGIS desktop in a normal workflow.


First, connect to the image library via a shared drive and zoom to image library extent to set the view to the geographic area covered by the image library. Then Browse available imagery for current map extent – available images in the current map extent will appear.

Image Sets List (1) – List of all of image sets (by image ID) available in the current map extent. By default, the first image set is selected and thumbnails from that set are loaded when the window is opened.

Small Thumbnails (2) – Small thumbnails of the five images in the selected image set are displayed to the right of the Image Sets list. By default, a larger preview of the top thumbnail is loaded in the “Preview” region. Clicking on one of the smaller thumbnails loads the larger preview of that image.

Preview Region (3) – This area displays a larger preview of the small thumbnail selected. It is intended to give a more detailed view so the user may decide whether or not to add the image to a map.

Preview Region Features:

Add Button (4) – This is the green button with the plus sign. Clicking this button will add the displayed image to the current map in ArcMap.

Direction Arrow (5)Indicator of aircraft heading when the image was captured (Please note: this is not a button – clicking it has no effect).

Add Entire Image Set to Map (6) – A helper tool that, when clicked, will add all five images contained in the image set to the current map in ArcMap.

Find Sanborn Imagery (7) – Clickable icon (located in the toolbar) that allows users to quickly find all available views for a specific location.

Sanborn LogoFor more information or to order Sanborn Oblique Imagery products or services, call Sanborn customer service at 1.866.SANBORN (1.866.726.2676), or contact us by e-mail at information@sanborn.com.