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Broadband Mapping Analytics for the BEAD Initial Proposal: It’s Crunch Time!

Live Webinar — Wednesday, August 30th, 2:00 PM EDT

Now that NTIA has announced the state Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) funding allocations, each state must complete their BEAD Initial Proposal by December 23, 2023. These proposals have a list of specific requirements and many of those requirements will rely heavily on mapping and map-based analytics. Mapping and analytics will be central to the State Challenge Process, setting the High-Cost Threshold, and defining the methodology for awarding BEAD subgrants. In this webinar, hear our experts, Bill Johnson and Justin Fazzari, talk about the broadband data strategies that can support these critical activities.

Bill and Justin bring practical experience and insights to the conversation from their current work as broadband strategists at Sanborn working with several states’ Broadband Offices, and from their prior roles in state government geospatial leadership, at USAC, and at NTIA.