Rapidly changing conditions have created an awareness of the importance of an accurate, up-to-date understanding of the environment and its resources. Sanborn Orthos are a suite of digital orthophotography products that provide geogspatially accurate visual representations of the earth. 

Sanborn Orthos are produced by combining aerial imagery with a digital elevation model using innovative software techniques, rigorous production processes, and comprehensive quality control measures. The resulting orthorectified image contains the image characteristics of a photograph with the geospatial qualities of a map that facilitates the integration and sharing of data, promotes cooperative processes, and reduces high-cost duplication of database development. Sanborn Orthos are available at various pixel resolutions, which can apply to many different applications.

Sanborn owns and operates a variety of digital systems to collect orthophotography aerial imagery and has the capability to capture and process data to serve almost any mapping need.

Typical uses for Sanborn Orthos:
  • Annual base map update
  • Planimetric feature extraction
  • Image analysis
  • GIS base layer / Land base
  • Post-incident management
  • Engineering design
  • Asset management
  • Municipal and government maps
  • Right-of-way mapping
  • Alignment mapping
  • Public and private land development
  • Urban planning
  • Soils science
  • Watershed management
  • Geography
  • Landscape architecture
  • Agriculture / Crop science
  • Environmental assessment
Choosing the right resolution

Orthophotography can vary greatly in accuracy and pixel resolution. Pixel resolution (pixel=a single point in a raster image) refers to the actual distance on the ground each pixel represents in the orthophotography. For example, a one-foot pixel resolution means each pixel in the image covers one foot on the ground. Some common resolutions include three-inch, six-inch, and one-foot. The higher the resolution, the greater the visible detail.

  • Order acceptance subject to Sanborn approval
  • Price catalog is subject to change
  • Accuracy is subject to inherent accuracy of customer supplied DEM
  • High relief and dense terrain areas subject to Sanborn approval
  • Product is warranted for 90 days as defined in the End User License agreement
  • Shipping and handling fees may apply
  • Delivery media may constitute additional charges
  • $30,000 Minimum Order
  • Multiple products must be in same geographic area to meet minimum order requirement 

  • Orthoimagery data will be delivered in raster format
  • Metadata
  • Deliverable on DVD-ROM or external hard drive